Mynydd y Gwair being Ripped Apart

Mynydd y Gwair is being ripped apart as more useless turbines are fly tipped there by incompetent government. As Armiger I advocate renewed and complete resistance to wind turbines and a series of sweeping reforms. In the past forty years there has been no effective government in Mawr. Ioan Richard has been completely rejected. I am glad that Plaid Cymru and Linda Frame came second. Both first and second were anti turbine and Welsh speaking. There should eb proportional rerpesentation and vigorosu measures to revive the Welsh language. There is a need to implement my Bro Iaith policy, which will gradually revive the Welsh language to such a degree that it will once more become the natural language of Mawr. Common sense measures such as double yellow lines and speed and parking restrictions are needed and investigations into various incidents such as a hate letters, criminal damage and forced development. I will take these up with the Police and County Council. I have been discussing the way in which the distinguished Havard Family of Mawr should take a role in government. As Uchelwyr they stand above party politics. Many were also members of the Communist Party of Great Britain and one of them, Morgan Havard, was in the International Brigade. His arm was amputated after being hit by a bullet. The Labour candidate unfortunately did badly because no one knew who he was and people wanted Bevanite Socialism, or Democratic Communism.

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