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Dear Stuart Aubrey,

I am sure that my cousin Stuart Davies will help if he can. He sent the photograph of the House. I attach some Aubrey genealogy back to Thomas Aubrey, the Red Haired Constable (Cwnstabl Coch), born 1299, who married Nest ferch Owain Gethin, born 1304, descended from the Princes as shown. This is where Bartrum stops his line, but it can be pushed back reliably to the de Clare Family and Richard Duke of Normandy, descended from Norse Iarls near Trondheim. You are welcome to use this on Wikitree, or any of the genealogy on The Institute for Ancient Wales Studies in Texas does a lot of good work on the ancient genealogies. Morgan Aubrey Hen, Lord of Brecon (born 1389) was married to Alys ferch Watkin.


Myron Evans

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Dear Dr. Evans,

Over the last couple of years, I have read many of your postings regarding our Awbrey family. Once again today, I read the one about Llanelieu – The Awbrey House – Of particular import is the statement “You may well be aware that three Awbrey brothers went from there to the US.” One of those brothers is my emigrant ancestor, John Awbrey. I have been to Brecon twice including visits to Llanelieu Court, Abercynrig and other Awbrey related locations.

Do either you or Stuart Davies (if I recall he also descends from Morgan Awbrey) have the time to answer some questions?

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Stuart Awbrey

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