Archiving at the National Library of Canada

Many thanks, I think that Canada was part of the original 2001 multi national initiative to archive the entire internet. Recently Wayback Machine software has proliferated, so it may well have this software. From photographs it looks like a modern building in Ottawa. Canada and Australia are essentially fully independent now as you know, but when I was in Toronto I saw that Queen Elizabeth still appears on coins. Institutional archives of our websites in as many National Libraries as possible would be a common sense multi fail safe precaution. As you can see, twenty two million hits have been recorded for our websites since 2002, so institutional archiving of them is all important, together with our own permanent archiving. The initiative was set up because websites were found to have an average lifetime of only a few months, they would suddenly disappear for many reasons, and invaluable data would be lost irretrievably. Over here the tory government is closing small libraries, whose books are being destroyed wholesale. This is grotesque philistinism. That would never happen in Canada or Australia, and would never happen here if Wales had the independency of Canada and Australia, or New Zealand.

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The Canadian national library used to be part of the National Research Council. I don’t know what it is today. I am going out of town for a week to ten days, otherwise I could check this out. Doug

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I cannot find an e mail address for the National Library of Canada, but could phone them in Ottawa later on.


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