376(7): The Conservation of Angular Momentum in ECE2 Covariant Theory

In this note, plane polar coordinates are used to give the simultaneous relativistic Euler Lagrange equations (3) and (4), which can be solved by computer to give a precessing planar orbit, a major discovery. The relativistic angular momentum from Eq. (4) is given by Eq. (8), and is conserved with respect to proper time as in Eq. (9). The relativistic torque is defined by Eq. (10). In general, Eq. (17) shows that the non relativistic angular momentum is not conserved, but the relativistic angular momentum is self consistently conserved. These results were found by computer algebra in an earlier UFT paper. The next note will derive the Principle of Relativistic Least Action in an ECE2 covariant theory. This is the ECE2 generalization of Hamilton’s powerful Principle of Least Action from which the Euler Lagrange equation is derived as is well known in non relativistic physics.


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