Establishing Free Education in Wales

Education in Wales should be completely free to rigorously selected pupils with good A levels, and they must all be personally fluent in Welsh. There should be a new university in the Welsh medium. If they don’t work they would be expelled in the first year. Hordes of monoglot students are being imported for no purpose other than to enrich the colonial staffs, who are themselves monoglot. They greatly harm the Welsh language and cause deep resentment throughout Wales. Small libraries in Wales are being closed and their books thrown out. If the tories win the next election we can expect another severe assault on our language and culture. The AIAS / UPITEC is making the biggest impact in the world for a small research group by a factor of a thousand, and all the material is openly accessible. I think that people in Wales will be forced to adapt this type of system. The quality of colleges in Wales is mediochre by international standards, some are not even ranked. There is an intellectual apartheid system in place designed to lock out all the native talent from Wales. This is like Harland and Wolff in Belfast before the system was reformed. For example, Gareth and I won a world record eighteen prestigious fellowships in open international competition and were locked out for life for exposing corruption, cronyism and smoke filled rooms. This is probably the worst ethnic prejudice in Europe. It makes Birmingham, Alabama look like the United Nations. Normally a lecturer is appointed after only one post doctoral fellowship, sometimes they are appointed direct from Ph. D. There is no mechanism in place to stop this ethnic prejudice. I was once told at Swansea that I was going to run out of fellowships to compete for, and be booted out permanently. I replied that I had just been appointed a full professor at IBM, New York State (Auto Two).

A poor education costing a fortune. I had a £30 overdraft when I finished uni and funded myself all the way through it. Children today are forced into a debt culture if parents don’t help them. Also, there are no longer the well paid holiday jobs that helped us through the system and, as you say, all our fees were paid. Progress??

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