Archiving of will be finished during the summer

I phoned up Aled Betts, the digital archivist at the National Library of Wales, he confirmed, in the Welsh language, that the digital archive of will be ready during the summer on, using Wayback Machine Software. This website contains a vast amount of information, all my life’s work, and is a library in its own right. The delay is due to the fact that many data sets have to be incorporated from the legal deposit libraries: British Library, Bodleian Oxford, Cambridge, Scotland, Wales and TCD in Ireland. In view of the expected severe tory assault on small libraries in Scotland and Wales, this digital archiving is all important, because books are being thrown out. This has happened to Ystalyfera and Cwmtwrch in the Swansea Valley, both Welsh speaking communities targeted by the tories. I will also make sure that the Wayback Machine is fully functional for all websites,,,, and One thing that unites all of Welsh speaking Wales, and most of English speaking Wales is a tory attack, by people who do not even know that the Welsh language exists. They may be more enlightened in Oxford, where Welsh is taught as a classical language. The Welsh College is Jesus College Oxford. I was at Wolfson College Oxford. The language is regarded with respect all over the United States, where they would never “throw out” books. I am a U. S. dual citizen, descended from the Tudors. Another word for “tory” in the United States is “redcoat”. I think that UNESCO should condemn the tories outright. These assaults are coming at a time when the language is critically endangered, as warned by UNESCO. The legality of these assaults should be challenged, and the Assembly should declare unilateral independence.

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