Vote for Linda Frame Plaid Cymru

I have not received any information and no form of communication from any candidate with the exception of two leaflets.

1) Linda Frame, who is by far the best candidate because she is a fluent Welsh speaker and anti turbine candidate who is critical of the outgoing County Councillor and others who resigned or retired from the Council. I am sure that she was not part of the accounts irregularites for which Mawr Community Council was severely and publicly reprimanded in 2011 and again in 2015 and by the Auditor Wales. I got a copy of the Accounts in question from the Auditor but there was no information as to how tax payers’ money was distributed. No one knows, and this is a complete disgrace as pointed out by the Auditor. I am sure that Linda Frame would do a much better job than the outgoing Councillor against whom I have made a number of complaints and who did nothing effective in forty years. For example there are still no double yellow lines after sixty years of applications. I will reopen these complaints with the new County Councillor.

2) The Labour candidate, who just dropped a leaflet on my mat and disappeared. Maybe it was an assistant. This was not prepared in Welsh, showing a complete neglect of the langauge, and does not even mention the destruction of Mynydd y Gwair by turbines after the County Council turned coat. The leaflet is prepared in such a way that it could have been used by anyone. It has a beautiful picture of a turbine lagoon which has just been chopped by the tories. This candidate appears not even to live in Mawr, and not to be able to speak Welsh at a time when the language is critically endangered in Mawr. It appears that he is a new Labour type of candidate, hardly a socialist at all.

The other candidates did not even bother to drop leaflets, and of course none can expect my vote because I know nothing about their policies, apparently no one does. As a Member of the Gentry I do not vote. However I will keep a close eye on Mawr. My family has been here since 1629 – the Hopkin Family. The election procedure is completely obsolete, it needs to be replaced by electronic referenda. I expect that the turn out will be very low, but sincerely hope that Linda Frame wins because she is sincere, and not a politician. The Welsh language has almost been destroyed in Mawr by remote, cynical, self seeking, non government. My Bro Iaith policy is designed to reinvigorate the language in a simple way. Those who have destroyed it are guilty of a treason, similar to the Treason of the Blue Books. During that time my grandmother had a block of wood hung around her neck carved with “Welsh Not”, Since no one could speak English the wood was used to light a coal fire with Craigola steam coal.

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