Note 376(5): Solving the Minkowski Type Orbital Equation

A precessing elliptical planar or non planar orbit can be obtained from the Minkowski type force equation (3) of ECE2 relativity by solving Eqs. (5) and (6) simultaneously with computer algebra. This note shows that the field equations of ECE2 gravitostatics produce an expression for the mass density of the source (Eq. (18)), in which X and Y are found from Eqs. (5) and (6). Eq. (18) also gives kappa dot g in terms of X and Y, so knowing g, kappa can be worked out. The quantity kappa is related to the spin connection vector of ECE2 relativity. This spin connection vector does not exist in special relativity, showing that this theory is general relativity. In special relativity, there is no spin connection in its flat Minkowski spacetime.


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