Wind 1.87%, 1 – 20 mph, Wales 1 – 6 mph, 0747 local time

The average wind speed in the Betws area now is 6 mph, so the giant turbines are producing nothing at all as usual, because it needs 9 mph to start them. They are obviously completely useless and the result of grotesque, uncontrolled corruption, which is the way Wales is run. Wind is not producing any power at all throughout Wales, because the wind speed is only 1 – 6 mph. Wind in Britain has collapsed completely to 1.87% after producing a little bit of power for two windy days only. So the entire industry is a scam, particularly in Wales where the turbines were fly dumped against the wishes of the great majority in Gower. The Betws turbines are massively dark and sinister, and very ugly, a symbol of colonial suppression. Solar is a negligible 2.78% and hydro is a laughable 0.74%. Nuclear and gas are flat out as usual to try to meet demand. So the current renewables industry is a total failure, and always will be a total failure. What is needed is common sense, a revolutionary change of policy, to build hydro lagoons, ES and LENR power stations. The colonising, mindless, greed ridden and destructive tories of the home counties suddenly realized that they had to import power from France, despite leaving the EU. The League of Celtic Nations has nothing to do with the home counties, and should negotiate rejoining the EU. The Irish Republic has benefited greatly from the EU. The pound has collapsed against the dollar to 1.29, and is forecast to be on par with the dollar in about two years (one pound = one dollar). So importing electricity from France is costing a fortune, because the pound has collapsed. Successive governments in Wales have been a fiasco for years. The League of Celtic Nations could never do as badly.

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