Sonnet “The Wild Geese” – Countering Revisionist History

There have been many attempts by UCW Aberystwyth to cover up the cynical destruction of the EDCL, the sonnet “The Wild Geese” on page 76 of the attached counters revisionist propaganda which I came across recently by accident. The old building was saved by Dr. Gareth Evans and his first wife Rosie by having it listed by CADW. On a visit from the U. S. in summer 1993 Gareth took my first wife Laura and I around to see the ghastly ruined shell of the EDCL. It was only thirty years old and had been reduced to rubble by faceless bureaucracy, administrative incompetence, ethnic prejudice and corruption. The sonnet “The Wild Geese” is a kind of “Goodbye to All That” (Robert Graves). It has variations on lines from the Nobel Laureate Bob Dylan. The College tries to come across as if there was some kind of smooth transition from chemistry to art. There are many witnesses still alive to counter this betrayal of the truth. The new wing was almost totally destroyed and was put together again as student accommodation. Since this is early May the readers might like to read my translation of the great fourteenth century cywydd “Mai” by Dafydd ap Gwilym, published by the great scholar and poet, Prof. Sir Thomas Parry, in “Gwaith Dafydd ap Gwilym”. The sonnet “Rain” records what I think of bureaucrats. We need Principals like Tomos Parry again.


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