FOR POSTING: Book of Scientometrics Volume Two Udpated to 30/4/17

The date 30/4/17 marks the thirteenth anniversary of detailed, filtered statistics, which are themselves being read 15,525 times a year at present. So the wholly unprecedented impacts of ECE theory and AIAS / UPITEC are well known, signalling the permanence of the ECE School of Thought. In April 2017, for combined sites and www.upitec org there were 123,916 hits, 24,766 distinct visits, and 19.06 gigabytes downloaded. For 1,693 documents were read from 112 countries, led by U.S. A., Germany, Brazil, Mexico, Czechia, France, Canada, India, …………. From the world’s top twenty listings by Webometrics, Times, QC and Shanghai world university rankings there were consultations from: Berkeley*, Columbia, Cornell, Northwestern*, Stanford, Pennsylvania, MIT, ETH Zuerich, Cambridge* and Imperial. The asterisk denotes repeat consultations. The true number of consultations from the world’s top twenty, and other top ranking universities, institutes and similar, is probably much higher, from staff and students using private computers. I can detect only public URL’s.


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