Wind 16.77, 2 – 23 mph, Wales 5 – 10 mph, 0752 local time

The effective wind speed in the Betws area now is 1 mph, an average speed of 10 mph minus 9 mph needed to start the gigantic wind turbines that tower over the remains of culture like a rotating ministry of truth, slaughtering wildlife and tearing up the ecology for no reason at the cost of many millions to the taxpayer, and rapidly deteriorating. Wind power in Wales now is zero to completely negligble, because the wind speed is 5 – 10 mph, and 9 mph is needed to start the turbines. Power is being fed into them from the grid in order to keep them turning, otherwise I assume that the giant bearings would seize. Solar is a negligible 2.31%, hydro a pitiful 0.39%. Nuclear is flat out and gas is nearing full capacity. So after about twenty years of environmental carnage, renewables have had a negligible effect when true figures are used from on the net. Not only are turbines useless they frequently take power from the grid, and destabilize the grid, so obviously should be demolished at developer expense and subsidies stopped immediately. Subsidies are the root cause of all the problems – easy money and run. Work has not begun on tidal lagoons, ES and LENR power stations. Power has to be imported from France at huge expense. A merry little general election will change nothing. A revolutionary change in thinking is needed very quickly. This means shaking free of the iron boot of English politics, and the completely obsolete electoral system.

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