376(4): Comparison of Precession Theories

This note shows that the effect of a fluid spacetime is to change the Hooke / Newton / Leibniz orbital equation into the ECE2 covariant Minkowski orbital equation, and to produce orbital precessions of many different kinds, including retrograde precession claimed to have been observed experimentally in the S2 star orbiting a massive object near Saggitarius B. The incorrect and obsolete Einsteinian general relativity (EGR) is nowhere used. Gravitostatics corresponds to a fluid spacetime without vorticity. More generally the magnetogravitational field must be incorporated into this analysis of gravitostatics (corresponding to electrostatics). Theoretically, there is the possibility of gravitational radiation from the complete ECE2 field equations of gravitation. The easiest demonstration is gravitational plane waves. However, these will be about twenty three orders of magnitude weaker than electromagnetic plane wave radiation, first explained by Maxwell using the Maxwell displacement term in the Ampere law. Maxwell realized that light is a kind of electromagnetic radiation. There is certainly no gravitational radiation from the EGR theory. The document listing a selection of eighty three refutations of EGR is beginning to be read off www.aias.us. I am currently studying Stephen Crothers’ chapter nine of Principles of ECE to see if I can pick some more holes in black hole theory. Chapter nine contains many more refutations of EGR and is first class scholarship. The term “black hole” was devised by John Wheeler who was asked by Albert Einstein to become his assistant after my co author Jean-Pierre Vigier was refused a visa for being a member of the French Communist Party. Later Vigier became a prominent Statesman in France. He was also a Member of the French Legion d’Honneur (France’s highest honour), but that made no difference to the political dogmatists of that era, notably Senator Joseph McCarthy of Wisconsin. Nothing has changed in human nature, and never does. At about the same time that John Wheeler accepted B(3) in late 1994 I was suddenly chopped from UNCC for advocating B(3). False charges were fabricated as in the UNCC Saga. Unknown to me I had been nominated for a Nobel Prize for B(3) at about the same time. Vigier and many others condemned UNCC outright. So the academic system of that era was run by the McCarthy / Stalin Ministry of Truth Incorporated. Ten years after being chopped, in 2005, I was awarded one of Britain’s highest honours, a Civil List Pension, and ECE theory took off. There was no difference between Jo Stalin and Jo McCarthy, or any dictator, big and small.



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