Wind 29.26%, 9 – 22 mph, 13 – 22 mph, 0800 local time

The effective wind speed in the Betws area now is 4 mph (13 mph average minus 9 mph needed to start the turbines). So they are only producing a tiny amount of power, even on a windy day. The wind industry would advertize this as being the output all year round, which is cynical deception as everyone knows. The average contribution of turbines to the grid in Wales is only 2% a year. There are very few days as windy as this. Solar is about 4.05% due to sun, and that is hopelessly inadequate to meet year round demand. Hydro is a complete waste of time at 0.84%. Successive incompetent governments are deliberately refusing to implement hydro lagoons, a free gift of a thirty foot tide four miles away from here. Nuclear is flat out now, it is kept flat out all the time, increasing the risk of an accident. So wind does not change anything, it is just a terribly damaging swindle.

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