The Dialect of the Swansea Valley

I am glad that some of this has been archived to some small extent, it has been heavily damaged by terrible misgoverment at all levels, closure of drift mines, closure of Welsh speaking schools, uncontrolled monoglot immigration. It is my own dialect and I ought to write essays in the dialect one day. It is the language of the Silurians (Seisyllwyr), which once extended completely across central Britain. One can follow it on the most recent DNA map of Britain, areas occupied and still occupied by the ancient British, although they think they are English. The DNA is much more ancient than 415 A. D. and all that. The dialect can be seen from place names in Hereford County and Powys. For example Llan Eigon became Llanigon, the Silurian pronunciation. I can easily recognize many examples clean across Hereford County. It has become almost extinct in Craig Cefn Parc, a profound tragedy, and needs to be revived using my Bro Iaith policy. Its destruction is barbaric and completely illegal, violating all the human rights laws ever written. One example of the dialect is that the word for hammer, “morthwyl” in classical Welsh, is pronounced “mwrthwl”. Closer to the Latin “martelus”, root “martel”. This is a very ancient, thirty thousand year old similarity from proto Indo European. There was a great Frankish / Gaulish king called Carlus Martellus, Charles the Hammer, who threw back the Moors. Once a language is destroyed, it is gone forever. Those who destroy it shoulder a great burden of guilt.

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