Wind 4.64%, 0 – 21 mph, Wales 4 – 12 mph, 0801 Local Time

The average wind speed in the Betws area now is 4 mph, so the giant turbines are again producing nothing at all except destruction and slaughter of innocent animals. On average they contribute about 2% every year to the power needs of Wales because there is not enough wind. For the entire British and Irish archipelago of isalnds they produce about 5% a year. This gets rid of another myth: that Wales is a windy place. It is windy only on Cardiff docks, where the Assembly is situated between a banana boat and the alley of a thousand dustbins. Solar is negligible at 1.85% and hydro is pathetic at 0.52%. Nearly all the power is produced by gas, nuclear and coal. Successive governments have been corrupt and incompetent, cut out the verbal gas and look at the figures ( and Met Office Wind map, free to all). They indicate that all wind turbines in Mawr should be demolished and all solar panels removed, all subsidies to be paid back to a swindled population by the those who took the money and ran in the immortal words of Professor Groucho Marx, the well known climatologist of Bronx University. It is easily possible to build hydro lagoons, ES and LENR power stations. Common sense is anathema to absolute power which corrupts absolutely.

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