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It will be interesting to try to get a copy of the line back to Pierre or Piers Gunter. I got this reply from a forum participant mentioning that he is descended from Gunter (Gunar or Gunr Her, a Norse name). Edward Evans 1st married Elizabeth Gunter in Dec. 1737 at St. Mary’s Cusop in Ewyas Tracey, now in Hereford County, formerly in Wales. Hari Ddu ap Gruffudd of the family of my ancestral cousin Blanche Parry came from Ewyas Tracey. She was a Gentlewoman and is said to have taught Elizabeth 1st Tudor some Welsh. I think that Elizabeth knew a lot of Welsh from childhood, her grandfather Henry VII certainly did. Elizabeth 1st was also my ancestral cousin and her notebooks have survived, showing her to be fluent on Latin, Italian and French at the age of about five. We were or are both descended from Tewdwr Mawr. There is a famous cywydd to this family of Blanche Parry by Guto’r Glyn. Blanche Parry commissioned the 1588 William Morgan Bible, later the 1620 Bible. The Gunter family of Llanigon were well known, having links with TreGunter in Brecon County, so I should concentrate the search for baptismal records of Edward Evans 1st and Elizabeth Gunter around Llanigon and Cleirwy (or Clyro) in Powys. Neither was baptized in the Church in Cusop. The Gunter, Aubrey and Havard families all intermarried, being Norman families, and inter married with lines of the Princes. They spoke Welsh almost immediately they arrived, together with Norman French.

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