Wind 10.18%, 0 – 22 mph, Wales 1 – 8 mph 0821 local time

The average wind speed in the Betws area now is 4 mph, so the giant blades are producing nothing, not even cutting heather. No power is being generated in Wales now by any large wind turbine, because the average wind peed is only 1 – 8 mph, and it needs 9 mph to start them. They begin to be efficient at around 20 – 40 mph. Such steady wind speeds never occur in Wales. So they are a gigantic an obvious swindle. Solar is 4.14% because there has been a lot of sun, combined with some snow. The lightest amount of cloud cover reduces solar to 0.00% very often. Hydro is a negligible 0.57% and is often restricted in order to get more subsidies. There is a need for a real government to cut through this ridiculous nonsense and to build turbine lagoons and ES an LENR power stations.

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