The Periphery of Existence – the Academic Paper Mill

Google “half of scientific papers are not read” to find that thee are 1.8 million academic papers published every year in 28,000 journals. This was a study at Bloomington, Indiana cited by an article in in 2014. About 90% of all published papers are never cited. The article asks: how does it feel to spend so much time on the periphery of human interest? In complete contrast, all our work at AIAS / UPITEC is read all the time, and at all the best places in the world. This is because of our famous open access system on and The result is by far the highest impact in the world by a small research group (an average of 1.57 million hits a year for 15 years) and an intellectual revolution in physics, a revolution is always central to interest. This impact is generated from a coal miner’s house in Mawr, and not from a colonial university. It is generated with first class, hard working, international colleagues. The colonized University of Wales has become so anglicised that it may as well be situated anywhere on the moon. In fact it became the only National university to be shut down and illegally cut into pieces due to corruption of the kind I describe in the second volume of my autobiography. It was selling courses to anywhere on the moon, anywhere at all. It floods Wales with people who cannot speak Welsh, and care nothing about it. So if the Assembly means anything, it should reform this situation immediately with the creation of a new University of Wales which operates entirely in the Welsh language. If people don’t like this, and if they don’t like the Welsh language, and don’t like it being spoken, they can go to plenty of other universities. During a visit to the National Library recently to donate some books, I was encouraged to find that there are moves towards such a University, modelled on the excellent example of the National Eisteddfod. All the discussions in the Library took place in Welsh. If the tories are reelected the People of Wales must steel itself for more assaults on its cultured and intelligent way of life by philistines of Tunbridge Wells, more closures of libraries, more unemployment, more assaults on the language, all of it completely illegal. UNESCO has warned against this illegality, and has warned that the philistines might ultimately kill the language if they are allowed to have their way. The only comparable and devilish achievement was the hydrogen bomb – M.A.D. as hell.

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