FOR POSTING: Updated Comparative Impact Table

This table shows clearly that AIAS / UPITEC ( and is the institute that makes by far the greatest research impact in the world at an average of 1.57 million hits a year for fifteen years. It is very similar to the impact made by Dylan Thomas in his time. This phenomenal impact is well known throughout the world and has been measured with great accuracy in several ways. The comparable impact of groups and departments in the University of Wales is unknown because they do not have websites that display hit counters. People are often appointed to tenure without any knowledge of the Welsh language, without a Ph. D. degree, and are often not even expected to research. It is known from this blog that the international ranking of individual colleges in the UW is mediochre, and h indices are frequently poor. So drastic reform is needed, and the establishment of a new University of Wales in which all staff and students speak Welsh fluently and to which appointments are made in open competition. No one should be given a responsible position in Wales without a fluent personal knowledge of the Welsh language, or be elected to any representative position, from Community Councillor to Minister. Similarly, no one is given a responsible job in England without a fluent knowledge of English. It is obvious that Welsh speaking scholars such as myself are locked out, a violation of human rights laws and equal opportunity laws. This is described in “Autobiography Volume Two”. The colonial University of Wales has been tainted by scandal. There is nothing wrong with native Welsh intellect or scholarship. Dylan Thomas and R. S. Thomas were also locked out, so I am in good company. I am lucky to be able to work with a fine international group of scientists.


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