Discussion of Section 3 of paper 375

Pleasure. It is indeed an important Section. EGR seems to have disintegrated entirely.

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Many thanks, I did indeed a larger number of runs with took some minutes each. It is interesting to see that systems which were thought to be highly relativistic are not. Modifications of spacetime by rotating bodies seems to be another interesting point. We calculated already all types of precession effects in the past. The question is if fluid gravitation can give some new aspects.


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This is another excellent section, with results that essentially refute gravitational radiation. Evidently, EGR is essentially meaningless. Co author Horst Eckardt has put a lot of meticulous work into this section, the result is another revolutionary discovery, and congratulations to him.

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Subj: Section 3 of paper 375

This is the completed section 3. I added some tables on the Hulse-Taylor
pulsar which is a nearly non-relativistic system, as far as classical
orbital theory is considered.


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