Wind 9.72%, 1 – 13 mph, Wales 1 – 7 mph, 0752 local time

The wind speed in the Betws area now is 3 mph, so the giant turbines are again producng no power at all. Throughout Wales the wind speed is 1 – 7 mph, so no power at all is being produced by any of the wind turbines in Wales, at the expense of many millions in tax payers’ money. The landscape in Wales has been torn to shreds by giant concrete bases and huge rotating blades. I have been monitoring the pitiful performance of wind turbines and solar panels for almost a year now. I estimated that their annual average contribution to demand is a laughable 2%, a grim and tragic joke. Power continues to be produced by ancient nuclear power stations and imported gas, with coal still fired up. The countryside in Wales has been ripped apart to dig huge trenches for gas pipelines. The shoulder or ridge of Mynydd y Gwair in Mawr has been destroyed by two huge trenches, driven straight up the side. The trenches have not been filled in competently, so the subsidence marks the giant scars. There is still no mains gas in Mawr, whose local government has been non existent for forty years. Soon, the top of Mynydd y Gwair will be obliterated by useless wind turbines against the wishes of up to 90% of the electorate. The Campaign for the Protection of Rural Wales has consulted our websites many times.

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