List of Refutations of EGR

Now that EGR has been refuted experimentally in the latest research on S2 stars, I should prepare and post a list of refutations in the ECE papers, and a list of papers that apply ECE and ECE2 to phenomena which EGR attempted to explain. Attitudes to EGR and its criticism have changed dramatically since UFT88 was published in 2007. In 2003, when the ECE theory was started, anyone criticising EGR would be dismissed as a wako nut as they say in NYC, sacked and ostracised to the furthest reaches of the Antarctic in order to lecture to the penguins. Now, anyone supporting EGR uncritically is in danger of losing touch with Baconian realism and empirical science. It is emphasised that leading laboratories are dismissing EGR in papers on S2 star systems. They also avoid the use of dark matter. So AIAS / UPITEC should be given full historical credit as a pioneer of new gravitation theory. It has already been recognized in many ways via awards to myself during the development of ECE and ECE2. No scientist can ever work in isolation of the colleagues. The individual has bright ideas, the colleagues develop them and study them. I have known many wako nuts in my time. They are quite nice with ice cream.

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