Impact of AIAS / UPITEC Compared with Other Groups

AIAS / UPITEC has averaged 1.57 million hits a year for fifteen years (2002 to present). There is a comparative impact table on the home page of which shows that we out impact entire Institutes much bigger in staff numbers. The fair measure of comparison is to measure AIAS / UPITEC against individual research groups of comparable size. For example:

1) Newcastle upon Tyne Fibrosis Research Group, 85,504 hits since 2014. This is well funded and a leading medical group in Britain.
2) Ameer Laboratory, Northwestern University, U. S. A., 31,751 hits since 2005. Northwestern is in the world’s top twenty universities.
3) EQPAM Research Group in Europe, 14,297 hits since 2013.
4) Mathematics Group at the University of Seville in Spain, 3,158 hits since January 2009.
5) Kim group at M. I. T., 15,153 hits since 2015. M. I. T. is often the world’s number one by some measures.
These are found using Google keywords “hit counter research group”. It is a matter of googling for websites that display a hit counter and a time interval and I will collect as many data like this as is possible. It is clear that AIAS / UPITEC has a far higher impact than any research group in the world of comparable size. So many congratulations to all staff! The productivity of AIAS / UPITEC is far higher than any comparable research group in the world.

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