Wind 2.74%, 1 – 12 mph, Wales 2 – 4 mph, 0818 local time

The average wind speed in the Betws area now is 3 mph, so the giant wind turbines are again producing nothing at all, because they need at least 9 mph to start producing power. They are completely and totally useless. They need about 20 – 40 mph of steady wind for anywhere near efficient production. That kind of wind never occurs in Wales or Britain. The wind industry must have known this from the beginning, so it is all a gigantic swindle, a kind of treason. At present the wind speed in Wales is only 2 – 4 mph, so no power at all is being produced by wind turbines throughout Wales. In fact, solar at 4.33% is currently producing more than wind, due to rare sunshine, but solar is usually around 0.00%, due to cold and gloomy fog, rain, cloud, sleet, scam, swindle, fraud and snow. You get more power out of bacon, sausage, egg, spam and chips au Monte Python. These gloomy conditions are not unknown in northern Europe. So successive governments have been grossly incompetent. Having a nice little general election for self seeking politicians will not change this disaster in any way. What is needed is an engineer like Trevithick or Brunel to build tidal lagoons.

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