UFT88 Read at University College Cork (UCC)

UCC in the Republic of Ireland is ranked 283 in the world by QS, 344 by webometrics and 351 – 400 by Times. It was founded in 1845 on a site of Finbarr (Fionnbharra, fair headed) 550 – 623 A. D., born Lochan Mac Amergin, Bishop of Cork. It now has 18,000 students and Alumni include Jack Lynch, sometime Taoiseach. UFT88 was written by Horst Eckardt and myself in 2007 and since then is known to have been consulted on www.aias.us tens of thousands of times at several hundred of the world’s best universities. It has probably been read many thousands of times by staff and students worldwide from private computers, and also from www.upitec.org. It refutes the geometrical basis of EGR (Einsteinian general relativity), the second Bianchi identity of 1902. As we have just seen in notes and discussion for UFT375, EGR has been refuted experimentally by retrograde precession in S2. Co author Horst Eckardt has succeeded in producing retrograde precession with ECE2 fluid gravitation. UFT88 should be read with UFT99 and its definitive proofs, UFT109, UFT255, UFT313, UFT354 and many other papers which refute EGR in many definitive ways. EGR has been quietly abandoned by astronomers. Dogmatic claims that EGR is always right are myths.

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