Wind 4.41%, 1 – 23 mph, Wales 1 – 9 mph, 0757 local time

The average wind speed in the Betws area is now 8 mph, so the giant turbines are again producing no power at all, because it needs 9 mph to start them. The average annual contribution to the grid of wind turbines in Wales is 2%, which is Monte Python’s Flying Circus. This is as measured by . This is an accurate, independent site and corrects the cynical propaganda of the wind cabal, industry and pseudogovernment. The wind speed throughout Wales now is 1 – 9 mph, so no power at all is being produced by wind in Wales, except for windy politicians, “With bones unbuttoned to the half-way winds” (Dylan Thomas, “Altarwise by Owl-Light”). Wind has collapsed abysmally throughout Britain to 4.41%, solar is a negligible 2.19% (a little bit of sun) and hydro is 0.74% (switched off to get more subsidies). The government is ridiculously incompetent and paralyzed by the pressure of cabals. This looks like the decadent Roman Empire in 414 A. D., just before the Romans left Britain defenceless in 415 A. D.

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