Potter Dynasty of Penwyllt

Good to hear from you. You are my cousin because I am also descended from Rachel Potter (attached and on www.aias.us). Your ancestry can be traced back to the Iron Age as attached. The Morgan Aubrey line went back to Richard Duke of Normandy on one side and the Princes and ancient Kings of Britain in another line. They had some dubious ancestors like Pain (Payn) de Turbeville, known as Y Cythrael (the Devil). One of the Dukes of Normandy was the legendary “Robert the Devil” (the historical Robert 1st), father of William 1st of England and Normandy. There is a Thesis on the Potters of Penwyllt, which is in the wild west above Craig y Nos Castle. My grandmother was Gwenllian Potter. You are descended from an ancestor of Robert, Richard 1st., Duke of Normandy. Richard Fitz Gilbert de Clare was slain in Battle by the British (the term “Welsh” was a historic invention). So the Morgan family is indeed dangerous.

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Hello sir,
My name is Jordan Jones I’m the grandson of Myra (marya) Jones who’s maiden name is potter her father was Henry Potter who I believe was the son or grandson of Rachel Potter. My grandmother used to tell stories about being defended from the morgans but has lately become rather forgetful as she is 91 I’d be grateful If you could tell me anything.
Thank You
Jordan Jones

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