I would be most grateful if Dave Burleigh could replace the CV in the blue box above my coat of arms with this updated CV, and also post the CV prominently on the home page. It can also be posted on of course. This CV will also be used as the basis for the Marquis International Life Achievement Award Biography (2017). Diolch yn fawr iawn, many thanks, to all concerned. The current CV in the blue box is very out dated, seven years old. Since then there has been tremendous progress on all fronts. The material on combined sites and has generated an estimated 3.8 million distinct visits since 2002, and 22 million hits. I was scheduled to make a documentary film with the late Ken Russell in about 2011. The poetry and autobiography is also doing very well in both languages, being read and heard in up to 182 countries. The sites are archived on (Wayback Machine) and


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