Wind 12.57%, 2 – 22 mph, Wales 3 – 6 mph 0735 local time

The wind speed in the Betws area now is 3 mph, and throughout Wales it is 3 – 6 mph. So no power at all is being produced by the gigantic turbines fly dumped on Wales by City of London brokers in league with Swansea County Council. It needs at least 9 mph to start the giant turbines. This fiasco makes Monte Python’s Flying Circus looks deeply serious. It would be a joke were it not such an insult to Wales. Solar today is a pitiful 0.43% because there is cloud cover. Government is ineffective and harmful to the People. The new County Councillor for Mawr must surely be more effective than the outgoing Ioan Richard, who was so ineffective in fighting turbines that he was not even listened to during the debate. He has been invisible for forty years. During his tenure Mawr has been reduced to linguistic rubble in that no one speaks Welsh in a once wholly Welsh speaking area. The Assembly must take over and impose my Bro Iaith policy designed to revive the Welsh language. No one will miss Ioan Richard, least of all myself. As Armiger I am prepared to work with the new County Councillor. As a Member of the Gentry and U. S. citizen, I do not vote, but recommend Linda Frame, Plaid Cymru, and support the anti turbine cross party lobby designed to have them demolished at developer expense. I support the nationalization of the Somerset Trust. I hope that the tories will lose the General Election and also lose Gower. Elizabeth Evans, the Labour candidate last time, agreed with almost all of my points of view in an hour long discussion before the last general election. I am a left wing republican socialist and support Mr Corbin’s efforts in England. The Labour Party should rally behind its elected leader and not destroy itself. That would only result in S.O. tory S. as the say in New York City. I hope that SNP will dominate Scotland and go for full independence. I support complete reform of the electoral system.

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