Wind 6.77%, 0 – 23 mph, Wales 4 – 6 mph, 0817 local time

No power at all is being generated in Wales now by wind turbines, the wind speed in the Betws area is 6 mph, but 9 mph is needed to start the completely useless junk with which the ecology has been ruined. Unless Wales takes full independence it will always be used as a dumping ground. For example the ancient and increasingly dangerous Trawsfynydd and Wylfa power stations were dumped in Wales, both have caused deaths by cancer. When they were built, Tony Benn (with whom I agreed on most things) was talking about the white hot heat of technology. If there is a melt down there will be a lot of white hot heat and radiation. Solar now is 1.82%, ineffective and negligible. Hydro is ineffective and negligible at 1.11%. Nuclear and gas are flat out to try to meet demand. A revolutionary reform of the governmental system is needed to avoid power cuts and electric power rationing. At present successive governments are paralyzed and ineffective.

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