Eisntein Theory Quietly Abandoned

The Einstein theory has been quietly abandoned in the latest research in astronomy, for example for the star S2, which orbits a very large mass near Saggitarius B. The very large ECE2 School of Thought rejects the idea of black holes, so this is not a black hole, a theory that has been sieved by the ECE2 scientists in many ways. The authors of one S2 paper, posted on this blog, openly admit that retrograde precession refutes the Einstein theory completely. They use a new type of potential, a similar one was introduced by Horst Eckardt and myself in UFT105. One of the authors is from the renowned Bogoliubov Laboratory. I worked with authors from that laboratory during the production of “Modern Nonlinear Optics”, now a famous classic in physics and chemistry. The standard physics has major problems, about half of its papers are never read by anyone, and it has major problems in its scholarship, in that they cite only each other. This is not how scholarship should be and such a system is already derelict. They have tried and failed to censor ECE theory, and have tried and failed to distort my career beyond recognition. They have failed to kill a mockingbird.

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