Wind 1.94%, 1 – 13 mph, Wales 2 – 6 mph 0758 local time

Wind has collapsed completely to 1.94%, which is actually less than the pathetic failure of solar panels, now 2.84%. Essentially nothing at all is being produced throughout Wales either by wind or solar. The demand is met almost entirely by nuclear and imported gas. Throughout Wales the wind speed is less than the 9 mph needed to start the turbines which have made a disgusting rubbish tip out of a once beautiful country. It has also been painted an ugly, desolate grey by almost entirely useless solar panels. Hydro is a negligible 1.24%, and there are no ES or LENR power stations as yet. So the government is feeble and ineffective. It is not a democracy because of the long obsolete first past the post system. This allows trivial people to be elected on a trivial percentage of the electoral register. It also allows English fascists like UKIP to get in to the Welsh Assembly. They are anathema to the history and traditions of Wales, dangerous extremists. Most local councillors just sign on unopposed and do essentially nothing by talk. This generates gas, made in Britain. The government would be made much more efficient by getting rid of pseudopoliticians and replacing them by electronic referenda run directly by the electorate. My data show clearly that Mynydd y Gwair will be an ugly fiasco. Therefore all land should be nationalized along the lines of the Land Acts of Gladstone, Parnell, Asquith and the Irish Free State, later the Republic. My petition with Sia^n Ifan has gained a lot of support.

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