Wind 8.64%, 0 – 15 mph, Wales 4 – 9 mph 0758 local time

Wind has collapsed entirely to negligible production. In waels it is producing nothing at all. In the Betws area now the effective wind speed is zero (average of 9 mph minus 9 mph needed to start the turbines). So if all wind turbines were demolished tomorrow it would save on power, because power is needed from the grid to maintain them. Solar is about 2.5% so is also a pathetic failure. The solar panels in Mawr are producing effectively nothing. Easier to live in a cave and start a fire with sticks and dry leaves. The Morgan Family are renting Dan yr Ogof, Ogof yr Esgyrn, Agen Allwedd and Ffynnon Ddu for dogmatists who produce nothing – Idols of Bacon’s Cave. Bacon’s Cave is a pig sty on the road to Craig y Nos Castle. It offers pigs’ breakfasts such as energy policies.

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