Weak Gravitational Limit

I have been thinking about this point for some days. Google “precession of S2 weak gravitational” to find the Borka paper already on the blog. They mention that it is difficult to distinguish the orbit of S2 from a Newtonian ellipse, meaning that the weak limit of the Einstein theory applies to an excellent approximation. The mass of S2 is 15 sun masses and the mass of M is order of a million sun masses. There appears to be no formal definition of when weak theory goes over to strong theory and black hole theory, which is in any case totally wrong due to neglect of torsion. The readers should consult the writings of Stephen Crothers on this subject. I always go on the fact that the black hole metric is invalidated completely by taking torsion into account, so are all metrics from the Einstein field equation, as in your excellent chapter in CEFE and its extensive tabular matter. It is impossible to avoid the conclusion that the Einstein theory is obsolete and a mess as you describe.

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We have to be sure which range of validity is assumed for einstein’s formula. If it is a weak field formula, under which conditions was it derived? If the parameters of the s2 orbit are in the validity range, einstein definitly is a mess.


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