UFT88 Read in the University of Toronto, Canada

Toronto is ranked 11th in the world by QS, 18 by Webometrics, 22 by Times and 27 by Shanghai, and is the best ranked University in Canada. It was founded in 1829 in Upper Canada as King’s College and has 59,434 students. Notables include John Kenneth Galbraith, the Peace Nobel Laureate and former Prime Minister of Canada, Lester Pearson O. M., P. C., and Sir Frederick Banting, a Nobel Laureate who discovered insulin. UFT88 is a famous paper, published 2007, which was the first to correct the geometrical foundations of Einsteinian general relativity, the 1902 second Bianchi identity. It has been read tens of thousands of times in several hundred of the wold’s best universities, such as Toronto. The Einstein theory is sieved in the UFT section of www.aias.us and www.upitec.org, in many papers, notably UFT88, 99, 109, 255, 313 and 354. One of the many major discoveries of AIAS / UPITEC is that torsion cannot be forced to vanish. The 1915 field equation of Einstein was based on a geometry without torsion. The Einstein theory has just imploded spectacularly in the star S2, which orbits a massive object near Sagittarius B, and probably fails for billions of similar stars, as yet undiscovered. This will almost certainly become clear in future astronomy. The Einstein theory also fails completely in whirlpool galaxies, while ECE2 gives a plausible explanation.

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