Many Thanks to Co President Gareth Evans

Many thanks, the Einsteinian theory is incorrect by a factor of ten million for the star S2, which orbits a massive object near Sagittarius B. This is a clean system and Horst’s methods for UFT374 can be applied. The experimental claims for the precession are vague, and range from -1 degree per orbit to 2 degrees per orbit. There may be more experimental data on other sites. In ECE2 there are no black holes because the theory on which they are based is totally wrong due to neglect of torsion as you know. Yesterday there was a huge spike of interest on the blog. The astronomy sites use the same formula one. So ECE2 takes over as the leading theory of gravitation.

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Subj: Re: Some More Lit Searching on a of S2 Star

This is another very clear and important demonstration of the failure of ER – and ever more difficult to argue against. Congratulations to yourself and others once again.

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