375(9): Einsteinian GR Incorrect for Star S2 by a Factor of Ten Million

As shown in the attached note the Einsteinian general theory is incorrect in Source 2 (Star S2) by a factor of about ten million. It gives a precession of 9.979 degrees per orbit compared with vague experimental claims ranging from -1 degrees per orbit to 2 degrees per orbit. So now we can apply ECE2 covariance using the lagrangian and ECE2 field equations of gravitation. So I advise Governments to count your change when buying dogmatic ideas. If a mere chemist can prove the astronomers wrong by a factor of ten million, so can a Government funding agency. I worked this out with a hand calculator and co author Dr Horst Eckardt can check with the computer. So can anyone else. I think that well accepted new theories such as ECE2 should be well funded. I also think that the achievements of AIAS / UPITEC should be recognized in the same was as in the past four hundred years of science. ” …….. on ne resiste pas a l’invasion des idees” (one cannot stop the invasion of ideas, Victor Hugo).


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