Wind 4.95%, 1 – 12 mph, Wales 3 – 8 mph 0820 local time

The average wind speed in the Betws area now is 8 mph, and throughout Wales it is 3 – 8 mph. So the Betws wind turbines are producing nothing at all because it takes 9 mph to start them. So they should be demolished and subsidies stopped immediately, forcing the development companies into bankruptcy. No large wind turbine is producing anything in Wales, and very few in Britain. So the idea of wind turbines has failed completely. This was clear to me a quarter century ago. Solar is a negligible 1,92% so all the solar panels in Mawr should be removed because they do not produce anything. Nuclear is flat out, and gas is approaching maximum capacity. Hydro is a joke at 0.90%. Hydro should have been developed a hundred years ago.

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