PS to Parameters of Source 2 (Star S2)

I looked at many websites in order to cross check and to find a sensible semi major axis distance for S2. The only one that makes any sense is from Sohndel et al., Nature Letters 419, 695 (2002), which gives

a = 4.62 plus or minus 0.39 megaparsecs

= 1.4257 ten power 23 metres

and Gualandris et al., cited later. Again there is a very wild self inconsistency in the astronomy data. The site of the Max Planck Institute for Extraterrestrial Physics gives

a = 5.5 light days = 2.59 ten power 13 metres

This is ten orders of magnitude smaller than the Nature value. Wikipedia gives a as 0.1246 arc seconds. Google “S2 Semi major axis” to find Gualandris et al., Mon. Not. R. Astron. Soc. 1 – 10 (2010) which converts this value on wikipedia to 5.001 megaparsecs. This is roughly in agreement with the Nature value. The Astron Soc article used a distance ot the galactic centre of 8.28 kpc. The periapsis is 0.585 mpc, the apoapsis is 9.419 mpc, so it is a very eccentric orbit. The eccentricity is agreed between sites as

eps = 0.8831

and there is reasonable agreement on the central mass

M = 7.956 ten power 36 kilograms

The orbital interval is 15.56 plus or minus 0.35 earth years. Taking the a from Nature Letters we get

delta phi = 6 pi MG / (c squared a (1 – eps squared))

which is order of magnitude (very roughly) ten power minus 11 radians per second. This is multiplied by 4.5 ten power eight (roughly the number of seconds in 15.56 years) and by 2 pi degrees in a radian to give about 0.02 degrees per orbit. I will do the accurate calculation tomorrow. It is already clear that it is completely different from the claim of 2 degrees per year on one site and -1 degree per year on another.
Our new ECE2 covariant method can be applied with the a value from Nature Letters. If one uses the a value from the Max Planck Institute one gets a wildly incorrect result of about ten power eight degrees per orbital interval of 15.56 years. So where is the precision claimed by the standard model?

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