Wind 10.53%, 2 – 16 mph, Wales 5 – 12 mph, 0729 local time

The average wind speed in the Betws area now is 5 mph, so the giant turbines are producing nothing at all as usual, because it takes 9 mph to start them. Such a wind speed very rarely occurs and so the entire wind turbine idea in Wales is a complete fiasco. There is simply not enough wind speed. They were forced up in Mawr by corruption at all levels of government, a government that buckled to a small group of greed ridden pseudofarmers. Solar today is a dismal 1.1%, even though summer is approaching, so the solar panels fly tipped on Mawr by Swansea County Council are entirely useless. They are there just for subsidies. The County Councillor for Mawr completely failed to stop this wholesale environmental destruction, and so did the M. P. for Gower. As the only Armiger in Mawr and surrounding areas and Member of the Gentry, I continue to battle the wind turbines and have shown beyond scientific doubt that they are almost completely useless. So they should be pulled down and a big international effort started to build turbine lagoons all along the Bristol Channel and in other areas of high tide throughout Europe. Subsidies should be stopped immediately and a Land Act passed to nationalize estates such as those owned by Beaufort. The latter is responsible for the complete destruction of Mynydd y Gwair, and should be prosecuted. The Netherlands are well suited for water turbines because of their already built dykes in which tens of thousands of water turbines could be placed. The entire nuclear and gas industry can then be closed down throughout Europe, and coal and oil conserved for the manufacture of a myriad of products such as polymers and all kinds of chemicals, clothes and so on. Some of the rivers in northern Europe are dyked well above the level of the land, so water turbines can be constructed all along their edges. The rivers are so large that there is enough water pressure e.g. Rhine, Rhone, Danube, Meuse, Moselle and many others. AIAS / UPITEC has pioneered Energy from Spacetime (ES) technology (UFT311, UFT321, UFT364 and the patented Osamu Ide self charging inverter circuit on and, and AIAS Director Dr. Douglas Lindstrom is currently on a trip to China in the context of low energy nuclear reactors (LENR, UFT226 ff.) which do not produce any harmful radiation or by products and produce a tremendous amount of heat. He is associated with a company in Florida which has taken out many patents on LENR. So ES and LENR power stations should be built all over the world. The technology is essentially ready. The Alex Hill company ( is producing several ES devices and has signed an agreement with a U. S. company recently. We need this kind of initiative in Mawr, and effective councillors and M. P.’s. The current County Councillor has been completely inert for forty years.

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