Looking for More Data

In view of the implosion of the Einstein theory just reported in notes for UFT375 I will continue to search for more data on the Hulse Taylor pulsar form different websites and also on the S2 system. The data needed are:

1) Mass of the attracting object M.
2) The half right latitude alpha of the orbit of a mass m around M.

The perihelion or periastron advance is then give by delta phi = 6 pi MG / (alpha c squared) according to the Einstein theory. This has just been found to be wildly wrong in the Hulse Taylor binary pulsar. The half right latitude is alpha = a (1 – eps squared), where a is the semi major axis and eps the eccentricity of the orbit of m around M. So I will look for sites that give M, a and eps for any system of m orbiting M. This is very important in my opinion because the Einstein theory has collapsed completely using both the Wikipedia and Stanford sites. So I must confirm this with other sites. If any member of staff finds such data please let me know.

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