FOR POSTING: Major Honours and Awards, 1998 to Present

I would be most grateful to Dave Burleigh if the following list could be posted prominently in boldface type as the first item on the home page, following the Spanish flag and before “A collection of my medals ….”. Many thanks in anticipation.

MAJOR AWARDS, 1998 to Present.

1) 2005: Dr. M. W. Evans, Co President of AIAS, appointed a Civil List Pensioner by Queen Elizabeth and Parliament, upon recommendation of the Prime Minister. By Act of 1837 the appointment is a token of gratitude of the Government and People of Britain for outstanding service. It is akin to Order of Merit (O. M.) or Companion of Honour (C. H.). The first Welsh speaker ever to be appointed a CLP.
2) 2008: Dr. M. W. Evans awarded Arms by Letters Patent of the College of Arms, being thereby raised to Armiger. The arms are displayed on this home page. This was in recognition of the Civil List Pension and was featured by the College of Arms in its 2008 publication. It was considered to be an outstanding award of Arms. The College of Arms describes Armigers as eminent people. By precedent of the Tudor era jurist Sir Edward Coke, the award bestows gentility on all members of his family in perpetuity. They all become Members of the Gentry in perpetuity. Some lines are also Members of the Gentry by descent. The rank of Armiger is traditionally a Squire, one below Knight, one above Gentleman. In the ancient British system the entire family are Uchelwyr (Noblemen) by proven descent from the Princes and Kings of ancient Britain.
3) 2012: Dr. M. W. Evans included in “Burke’s Peerage and Gentry” as a member of the Gentry.
4) 2017: Dr. M. W. Evans has become a recipient of the Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award from the Editorial Board of “Marquis Who’s Who”, the world’s leading reference vehicle. The award is bestowed on a small number of outstanding biographees worldwide.
5) A total of about fifty team and individual nominations to the AIAS / UPITEC and to Dr. Evans. These include nominations for the Nobel and Wolf Prizes.

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