Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award

I was awarded the Plaque of the Albert Nelson Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award without paying a penny, and I was not asked to. I mention this because there are the usual sour and envious comments from Wikipedia about Marquis, so Wikipedia sees the new and very popular electronic Marquis as a rival which will put the record straight, because the biographies will not be distorted by the anonymous big brothers used by Wikipedia. Wikipedia is known to have attacked people with a view to destroying their careers. This is a criminal offence and the tort of defamation. Marquis would never stoop to this, it was founded in 1899 by Albert Nelson Marquis, in Chicago, Illinois. All members of the 57th Congress of the United States (of which I am a citizen) are in the flagship edition, “Marquis Who’s Who in America”. The Lifetime Achievement Award is given to outstanding biographees who are featured on recognition websites. For example the CEO of Apple. I was nominated for inclusion in Marquis by Prof. Dr. Bo Lehnert, Member of the Royal Swedish Academy, King of Sweden Gold Medallist, and an international referee for my Civil List Pension. About half the AIAS / UPITEC Staff are in Marquis. All our publications are also in Wikipedia, via Google Scholar. So the axe men can’t win. ” …on ne resiste pas a l’invasion des idees”. In the United States there is a different attitude towards achievement by any citizen, be they a laborer (labourer) or President, a fellow citizen. Achievement is welcomed and respected. The various Marquis entries of my AIAS / UPITEC colleagues and myself are attached. I have forbidden Wikipedia to post an entry on myself because of its illegal distortion of my work and career. It is a populist rag in many ways, because it allows dogmatists to post self praising entries. This has done immense harm to science, inhibiting progress and attacking new ideas using anonymity. That is completely anti Baconian. It puts us back into the dark ages and were the methods used by Stalin to eliminate his rivals and about thirty million people. Do you want that kind of troll in Wales?


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