Wind 22.10%, 2 – 29 mph, Wales 2 – 10 mph, 0738 local time

The wind speed in the Betws area is now 6 mph, so the turbines are producing nothing at all at the cost of many millions to the tax payer in subsidies. Mynydd y Gwair will be a duplicate fiasco if let through. There are many furious protests planned as the turbines arrive to completely destroy one of the rarest ecologies in Europe. Several scientists of international repute have personally taken part in protests against Betws and Mynydd y Gwair, Dr Bellamy on Mynydd y Gwair and myself on Betws. Of course I remember these ecologies as they were in pristine condition. There is a photograph of them in the first volume of my autobiography. This was taken in the sixties, and there is a golden sea of unspoiled grassland or “Mynydd y Gwair”. Solar is 1.05% and hydro 0.81%, both entirely negligible and useless. So the grey seas of polar panels that have destroyed other areas of Mawr are producing nothing at all, again at the cost of millions to the tax payer. Nuclear is flat out, and gas is being powered up to full capacity. Gelliwastad has again been totally obliterated by arsonists, who should be given long prison sentences. Its ecology has been torn to pieces by motor bikes, four wheelers and horse hooves galloping illegally and mindlessly off the bridle path. I think that all riding should be banned throughout Mawr because of the damage they cause. There are about a hundred photographs I took of the damage casued by horses on this blog. The stables should be prosecuted for environmental damage and made to pay for it. Every year, Gelliwastad is destroyed by arsonists, and small birds and animals exterminated by fire, ueless wind turbine guillotines and habitat displacement due to useless solar panels. The authorities have been unable to do anything about this environmental destruction, and indeed have caused it. I sum it up in my sonnet (attached) “Gelliwastad Burning”, and my sonnet on wind turbines, a variation on Milton.


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