FOR POSTING: Marquis Lifetime Achievement Award

I am most grateful to “Marquis Who’s Who” for a Lifetime Achievement Award. It is an azure coloured desktop piece of art, and a personal website on which a detailed biography can be published. A small number of Marquis biographees are selected for the award. For example the current CEO of Apple Incorporated. Many thanks to all coworkers and all staffs of AIAS and UPITEC, and former co workers and students back to the seventies. Many of the AIAS / UPITEC Fellows are also in “Marquis Who’s Who”, the world’s leading reference vehicle. It is launching an electronic version for which there has been overwhelming demand. Attached is a list of awards to the EDCL group of the seventies and eighties at UCW Aberystwyth. I am the first Welsh speaker to be appointed a Civil List Pensioner, a high honour akin to Order of Merit. The first Welsh speaker to be appointed Prime Minister was of course David Lloyd-George.


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