375(7): Einstein Theory Wildly Incorrect

This notes uses data from the Stanford and Wikipedia sites on the Hulse Taylor binary pulsar, so anyone can check the data and calculations just by using google. It is found that:

1) The Einstein theory is wildly incorrect, it gives a periastron advance of 14,492 degrees per earth year using the Stanford data, and 3,942 degrees per year using the Wikipedia data. The experimental result is 4.226 plus or minus 0.002 degrees per earth year from the Stanford site and 4.2 degrees per earth year from the wikipedia site.

2) The two sites are wildly self inconsistent. I suspect that if a bright student uses google and finds other sites they would all give different data.

So this is what is known on the smallholding as a pig’s breakfast. Millions of dollars and one or two Nobel Prizes have been wasted. The ECE2 relativity can now be applied to find the result. In the age of post factualism, Einstein is precisely right, although he is totally wrong. Governments need to look very closely at the way in which physics and astronomy are funded.


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