Wind 9.62%, 1 – 17 mph, Wales 1 – 5 mph, 0802 local time

No power at all is being produced by wind turbines now in Wales, because the wind speed of 1 – 5 mph is far below the 9 mph needed to start the turbines. They are probably being fed power from the grid for maintenance so are completely useless. From now on into late autumn there will be essentially no power produced by wind turbines in Wales, the windy season has already passed. The turbines are useless all year round. So the electorate has been cynically deceived. Solar today is 2.03%, the highest I have seen, but completely negligible. So the solar panels in Mawr are useless. Hydro is also completely negligible. This means that nuclear and gas have to be run flat out all year round and coal kept going at a high level all year round.

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