Observed Orbital Velocities in the Hulse Taylor Binary Pulsar

Google “Hulse Taylor binary pulsar”, third site, from Atronomy, Cornell University to find that the orbital velocity at the periastron is a maximum of 300 km per second. This gives the initial condition for orbital velocity needed by Horst. The separation of the two stars at the periastron is 1.1 solar radii. One solar radius is 6.9599 ten power eight metres at the equator. One solar mass is 1.989 ten power thirty kilograms. The orbital period is 7.75 hours. The orbital velocity at apastron is the minimum of 75 kilometers per second. The precession of the periastron is 40 seconds of arc in thirty years. This is found to be 3MG / (alpha c squared), where alpha is the half right latitude. Therefore alpha can be found experimentally . The experimental eccentricity of the orbit is 0.6171338. The distance of closest approach of the star from the centre of mass is r = alpha / (1 + epsilon) to an excellent approximation. Therefore r can be found as an initial condition. The initial velocity at the perisatron is 300 kilometres per second. So this gives the experimental initial conditions.

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