Wind 19.15%, 6 – 23 mph, Wales 9 – 18 mph, 0744 local time.

The effective wind speed in the Betws area now is 9 mph (average speed of 18 mph minus 9 mph needed to start the turbines). This is far below the optimal speed. a steady 20 – 40 mph approximately. Such optimal wind speeds never occur in Wales or Britain, even in the Shetland Islands. So wind turbines are completely useless. I knew this about twenty years ago, and so did everyone else except the Minister of Truth. Solar is completely negligible at 0.38%. Hydro is negligible at 1.04% because the water turbine lagoons have been scrapped by the Ministry of Truth, situated in a pyramid in mid Atlantic. Nuclear is flat out, pouring out radioactive waste, and probably leaking radiation. Gas is coming up to maximum as peak demand approaches. It is all imported. The obvious answer is to scrap all turbines and switch to turbine lagoons. The thirty foot tide is a free gift of energy, enough for all Britain and much of Europe. At the same time ES and LENR power stations can be constructed (UFT226 ff., UFT311, UFT321, UFT364 on and

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